Servicing The Beast

We bought this six-wheel drive duce military dump truck about a year ago to use on the ranch and have hauled hundreds of tons of material with it.  On cold, wet days we try to stay warm in the shop and service our equipment.  Changing the oil in this thing took 10 gallons!  One of the best investments in equipment we ever made.

Jeep Project


What do you do with a 1991 Jeep Wrangler than has big tires and geared down transmission?  Out here you gotta put a hunting seat on it!  Just about wrapped this up, it’s off for a canvas top.  When it warms up a bit we’ll add bed liner and a new paint job.

4C Princess

She turned 22 this year and is the oldest cow on the ranch.   We moved her into the retired cow pasture last year where she has lots of water and feed close by.  This cow is at the top of the breed, inducted years ago into the Longhorn Hall of Fame.  The last time we measured her she was right at 84 1/2 inches tip to tip.

A Cold, Wet Day

The dogs know what to do on a cold, rainy day – double up on a dog bed and snooze.  This is Henry on the left and Lizzie on the right.  The only thing better would be a nice fire in the fireplace and a couple of dog treats.  Maybe later.


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