Welcome to The Double Heart

A working ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

The Double Heart Ranch is owned by Lee and Gay Gaddis.

Lee’s great-grandfather, George Washington Maltsberger, was born in 1830, six years before the Alamo fell. At fourteen years old, he left the farm he grew up on in Tennessee to pursue a colorful life as an adventurer, pioneer, Indian fighter, soldier and stockman. He led one of the migrations of Mormons to Utah as a young man. When he decided to leave Tennessee and move to Texas, he blazed the trail riding two days ahead of his family to scout the best route. His father, accompanied by his fiancee – Roxanna Allen, followed behind in their covered wagon.

George Washington Maltsberger 1830 – 1919

Each night George would pick a place to camp and he would carve a single heart on the biggest tree to mark the spot. Then, Roxanna, who was an adventurous and skilled trail leader in her own right, would lead their band to the campsite a few days later. That night she would carve a second heart, so George would know how far she had come in case she failed to appear at the next designated rendezvous point – which she never did.

The brand from 1860.

It was in this fashion that they ultimately made their way safely to San Antonio, got married, started a family and started rounding up Longhorn cattle, using the Double Heart brand that had brought them together in love, and in life.

This story is why we named the ranch The Double Heart almost 25 years ago. The brand has come to symbolize our family’s respect for our ancestors and the values that they held dear. We proudly share those values as our Texas Coat of Arms.