Our New Old Dump Truck

We are always looking for ways to improve our grazing for the cattle and clearing cedar where we have good topsoil is a never-ending project.  The trick is to get the ground clean enough after clearing so you can mow it annually to keep new cedar under control.  That means after piling and burning getting in with a rock picker and piling the rubble – but you still have to haul it off.  We have been working one 80 acre pasture for about a year and a half as weather permits and got it pretty clean except we were left with about 10 piles of rock and stumps.  We started to rent a dump truck for a month but then found this late 60’s AM General military dump truck.  We bought it for about what the rental would cost and so far have successfully hauled about 50 loads – about half of what we need to do in this pasture.  Dirty work, but it’s gotta be done!

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