Zen and the Art of Fence Building

At the Double Heart Ranch we have one simple principle that guides our fence building projects – we don’t ever want to rebuild a fence.  So that means it has to be done right the first time.  Lots of effort goes into clearing a fence line, designing the layout.

The corner braces are set in concrete with bracing stingers.

The braces are carefully welded and then the wire is strung.   The strength of the braces allows us to stretch the barbed wire tight.

The barbed wire is attached to metal posts with wire clips set at exactly the right height for even spacing.

For wooden fences we have developed a unique building method.

These are sixteen foot rails mounted on treated posts backed by net wire.  At each point where the rails are butted up to each other, we re-enforce the joint with a steel plate.

The  plates are bolted through the rails and the posts so they cannot be moved or pushed out by livestock.  Note the seam is sealed.  The carriage bolt heads are attached to the inside of the posts so there is nothing sharp to harm the livestock.  We bolt on the plate side will be ground down to a smooth finish.

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