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Building Fossil Ridge


These are the slabs for the headquarters building and ,in the distance, the art gallery and conference center.


Getting ready to drill piers for the foundation of Gay’s art studio.

Hanging steel

Steel going into the holes each 13 feet deep.

Poring Concrete

The foundations steel is welded to the steel in the piers, forms are built and concrete poured.


A foundation that is not going anywhere.


This shows the studio which will sit on top of the piers.

Rain Means Fire

Almost everything that goes on at the ranch is dictated by weather.  When we clear cedar we end up with huge piles of wood.  We can only burn when the soil and grasses are wet and there is no wind.  Sometimes that means waiting over a year to burn.  Thankfully, today is perfect.

Finding Trees

The Double Heart Ranch has a lot of cedar trees that drain the soil of moisture and kill off most of the native grass, so we have a continuing program to bulldoze the cedar trees where we have adequate topsoil to grow grass.  What’s fun about the process is that we are continuing to find wonderful oak trees we didn’t even know where there.  The cedar is so thick that you literally can’t crawl through it.  The shot above is a before.  The shot below is after we cleared.

The grass comes back quickly.

Look Who Showed Up Last Night

This young Axis deer found it’s way into our bull pens the other night.  He is not a Texas native and likely escaped from one of our neighbors’ high fence pastures.  You never know what you will see up here.  We have several elk living on the ranch and have seen Mouflon sheep – all escaped exotics.

New Flowers

What’s so interesting is that we often see varieties of wildflowers that we have never seen before.  Each year is different and these little yellow flowers are something new.  The seeds must lie dormant for years and germinate when the weather conditions are right.  These are the landscapes that are the inspiration for Gay’s paintings.

Sam Paragliding

Our son, Sam Gaddis, was at the ranch recently working on his paragliding skills.  The wind wasn’t just right so he practiced controlling the wing from the ground.

He’s a bad ass.