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A Cold, Wet Day

The dogs know what to do on a cold, rainy day – double up on a dog bed and snooze.  This is Henry on the left and Lizzie on the right.  The only thing better would be a nice fire in the fireplace and a couple of dog treats.  Maybe later.

Herding Trials







Saturday we participated in the Texas Herding Association trials outside of Bertram.  Lizzie qualified in her first official trial.  We had a great time and got to see lots of fantastic dogs.







If you have never seen dogs herding ducks, I highly recommend it.

Lizzie after a long day.

Lizzie Rocks







Lizzie spent the morning at Shertom Kennels near Bertram this morning working sheep.  She did an incredible job in both the round pen and the large square pen.  She was focused, behaved and according to Sheryl, “she gave a lot of heart today!”  Lots of potential here.