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Happy Longhorns


We’ve been blessed with a very wet spring.  The El Nino weather pattern shift has brought us a wonderful spring.  Here are some very happy Texas Longhorn cattle enjoying an overcast, rainy day.  If you don’t know the history of these magnificent animals, follow this link to the Texas State Historical Association.  It’s a fascinating story our family has been a part of since the 1800s.

Man of Steel







This is RM Man of Steel, a new bull we purchased from the Allen/Filip//McCombs Partnership at the Red McCombs Annual Sale.  He’s out of Iron Mike ST and Hubbells Rio Linda.  He’s working a pasture of awesome heifers.

Grand Dames







We have a several small paddocks near the entrance to the ranch where we hold cattle that are about to be sold or are recent additions to the herd.  One of these is reserved for the Grand Dames of our herd, our senior cattle that have a long proven track record and are retired to a nice life of plenty to eat.  They have a dignity that is well deserved.

Red McCombs Sale

RM Iron Polka Queen.








We enjoyed Red’s sale this past weekend.  It was awesome to see prices and interest up over the past few years.  It was one of the best sales we have seen in several years.  We sold two cows and bought two heifers and a young bull out of Iron Mike.

Valentines Calf







So what could be better at the Double Heart Ranch than a black calf with a perfect heart on it’s forehead, white socks on it’s hind feet and a fluffy white tail?  Gay featured this calf on her annual Valentines Day card.  Note the goats in the background looking on with interest.