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Seas of Grass

With the great rains we got last month the pastures are in wonderful shape.  This is Kliengrass that is about two feet tall.  The cattle are having a hard time keeping up with it.

Double Heart Ranch VFD

If you follow this blog you’ll know we have been working on a fire fighting trailer.  Well, it’s done.  Here is Hardy starting it up with Henry supervising.

It works like a champ.  If you are interested in volunteering for the fire department just let us know.

Bailing Hay

We are in hay production – our favorite time of the year.  With over 13 inches of rain over the last 70 days we have an amazing crop in the fields.  We’ll be bailing over the next several weeks.  This is top quality hay, no weeds which is why Hardy has a waiting list of people who want to buy some.

A Closer Look







Early this morning I noticed a herd of hogs in the pasture below the house.  As I took the picture I saw a boar running away from the herd and then return.  When I processed the images I zoomed in on him to try to figure out what he was doing.







As you can see he was chasing off a coyote that was trying to catch one of the little pigs!