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There were 16 hawks in the field the other day when we were cutting hay.  Two of them had a fight over a little jack rabbit.  The jack rabbit lost!  I think this is an intermediate juvenile (first year) Red-Tailed Hawk, but I’m not sure.  They don’t develop the red tail until they are adult.  If you can help identify it I would be most grateful.

Caught One

This heron was taking advantage of low water levels in one of our tanks the other day.  I drove by without a camera, when to the house and got it and came back and waited.  You’ll notice that he is about to swallow a very delicious frog.

Savoring A Bug

Here is what I think is a juvenile Cowbird enjoying the last gulp of a nice,  juicy bug – you can see the two feet on each side of the bird’s beak.   I’ve seen roadrunners do the same thing with lizards where all that remains is two hind legs and a tail in the bird’s beak.  Yum.

Wild Turkey







Every now and then you get lucky and get a shot like this – a wild turkey gobbler with an impressive beard in front of one of the oldest Madrone trees on the ranch.