Cowgirl Power

GG_Ipad_Book.pngCowgirl Power is a book about Gay’s career in the advertising business growing her firm to one of the largest advertising agencies owned by a woman in the country.

She grew up in Liberty, Texas and brings her small town values, tenacity and grit to everything she does. It is a business book about her journey building an advertising agency from scratch to what is now one of the largest woman owned agencies in the country. She celebrates the historic cowgirls from the 1920s and 1930s who were America’s first international superstars.  It is a fun read full of wisdom and good advice that can be helpful to everyone.

Our friend, Red McCombs, loves it. She sent him a copy and he called her later the next day and said “Damn you girl, you ruined my entire day because I couldn’t put that book down!”

It is available on Amazon right now.

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