Longhorn Cattle

Up to their bellies in grass.

The Texas Longhorns originated from cattle the Spanish missionaries brought with them when they came to Texas as early as 1632. Many of those cattle went wild and free ranged across Texas and northern Mexico growing into herds of millions of cattle that evolved into the Texas Longhorn breed we know today.

We raise Texas Longhorn cattle because our family roots go back to the breed. Lee’s great-grandfather and his grandfather were both cattlemen who rounded up Texas Longhorns and drove them all the way to the railheads in Kansas. All told, more than 27 million head of cattle were driven from Texas to Kansas between the 1850s and 1910.

The introduction of barbed wire ended the cattle drives by cutting off many of the trails. That action, along with the introduction of English fat cattle like the Hereford and Angus, was the last straw for big Longhorn herds.

By 1926 the Longhorn came nearer to extinction than the buffalo. The U.S. Government and a few families worked to find and protect the few remaining pure bred Longhorns. Our family was close to and supported J. Frank Dobie, a famous Texas folklorist, author and University of Texas professor who help lead the charge to save the breed. A the time several zoos were acquiring Longhorns because they were so rare.

Today, our Longhorn breeding program focuses on several characteristics.

  • Bold, interesting color
  • Lateral horn growth
  • Gentle disposition
  • Ease of birth
  • Overall size and proportions
  • Cows with feminine facial features

We use a variety of bulls to mix genetics. We also blend genetics from all of the major Longhorn bloodlines. We occasionally own bulls, but prefer to do AI (artificial insemination) or lease top of the line bulls to keep our genetic pool as diverse as possible.

We usually have one to two year old heifers for sale. Please see the Contact page to get in touch with us.

Some of our Foundation Herd:

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