Rain Water Collection

We have several water wells on the ranch but they have a high calcium content, so when we built the ranch house many years ago we decided to use rainwater for all the household water.  We started with one rain barn and two 10,000 gallon tanks.  A few years later we doubled the size of our rain barn, which doubled our collection.







The rain barn is designed so that the first water that hits the roof is diverted to a stand pipe – this collects any dirt or pollen on the roof.  Once the stand pipe fills up, the water flows into the storage tanks.







Then when we went through very dry season several years ago we added two more 10,000 gallon tanks catching water from our workshop.  This gives us 40,000 gallons of water storage.

We have a pump that circulates the water in the storage tanks that has what is basically a pool filter on it to keep the water fresh plus an ozone generator.  Once the water reaches the house, we have separate faucets for drinking water an those are equipped with a final UV filter system.

If you are interested in collecting rainwater click the link below to see how much you could collect.

Rainwater calculator

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