Look Who Showed Up Last Night

This young Axis deer found it’s way into our bull pens the other night.  He is not a Texas native and likely escaped from one of our neighbors’ high fence pastures.  You never know what you will see up here.  We have several elk living on the ranch and have seen Mouflon sheep – all escaped exotics.

New Flowers

What’s so interesting is that we often see varieties of wildflowers that we have never seen before.  Each year is different and these little yellow flowers are something new.  The seeds must lie dormant for years and germinate when the weather conditions are right.  These are the landscapes that are the inspiration for Gay’s paintings.

Sam Paragliding

Our son, Sam Gaddis, was at the ranch recently working on his paragliding skills.  The wind wasn’t just right so he practiced controlling the wing from the ground.

He’s a bad ass.

Happy Longhorns


We’ve been blessed with a very wet spring.  The El Nino weather pattern shift has brought us a wonderful spring.  Here are some very happy Texas Longhorn cattle enjoying an overcast, rainy day.  If you don’t know the history of these magnificent animals, follow this link to the Texas State Historical Association.  It’s a fascinating story our family has been a part of since the 1800s.


There were 16 hawks in the field the other day when we were cutting hay.  Two of them had a fight over a little jack rabbit.  The jack rabbit lost!  I think this is an intermediate juvenile (first year) Red-Tailed Hawk, but I’m not sure.  They don’t develop the red tail until they are adult.  If you can help identify it I would be most grateful.

Painting The Texas Hill Country

Gay is back painting again after many years.  She only paints at the ranch, outdoors and only what she actually sees.  So far we have sunsets, meteor showers, landscapes, blue whistler northers and a goat.  She is up to something!

Servicing The Beast

We bought this six-wheel drive duce military dump truck about a year ago to use on the ranch and have hauled hundreds of tons of material with it.  On cold, wet days we try to stay warm in the shop and service our equipment.  Changing the oil in this thing took 10 gallons!  One of the best investments in equipment we ever made.