Riding Trails

In 2013 we started a project to open up some of the more scenic yet remote areas of the ranch with horseback riding trails.  This is a long process, much like land restoration, where we bulldoze cedar, pile and burn, pickup debris, clean again and then plant native grasses and wildflowers.  How long it takes is completely dependent on the weather – we only burn when everything is wet.

Canyon Trail West

Canyon Trail West is the first trail we finished an provides a nice ride from our ranch headquarters along an impressive canyon edge with very cool views.  This trail is 3.4 miles long with a change in height of about 145 feet.

Madrone Trail

Madrone Trail takes you from ranch headquarters along the northern edge of the ranch and into a heavy stand of old-growth Texas Madrone trees.  These trees are rather rare in the Hill Country and we believe this is one of the largest stands of mature trees as well as seedlings.  This ride also wraps around a major canyon as you turn back toward headquarters.  This is a 1.7 mile ride.

Mormon Canyon Trail is a two-mile ride to the southern edge of the ranch.  There are great views of the old Mormon Mill area and Marble Falls.


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